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For Parents

Curriculum Philosophy 

Parent Handbook

Manual para Padres

For Parents

 Parents are encouraged to get involved in their child’s early childhood learning experience and there are a number of ways to do that. Here are a few suggestions:

Parent Partnership

Parents serving on the Parent Partnership Committee are informed monthly of the center’s daily activities, needs, and concerns. They make decisions for how parent funds are spent, participate in fundraising activities, discuss program needs, are invited to give input on center concerns, and are invited to express opinions concerning programming needs and wants for their children. The Partnership is made up of parents of currently enrolled children at the center, and may include past parents and community representatives with an interest in the education and well being of young children. Meetings are held monthly at the Early Learning Center. For more information on the Parent Partnership Committee, please call Barbe Porter or Maria Silva 875-5327.

In the Classroom

As Observers:
Parents are encouraged to participate in the classrooms as helpers. Parents who are uncomfortable in joining in the activities of the classroom may choose to sit back and observe. This is an opportunity for parents to see how their child interacts with other children and staff.

As Volunteers:
Parents are invited to participate in the classroom as volunteers, taking an active role in the daily schedule of the children’s activities. Parents are also welcome to volunteer in other areas of the program.

As Paid Substitute Staff:
When appropriate, parents may be used as substitutes in the classroom. If you desire to one day be employed by the district, this is the best way to learn what is expected in the classroom for staff and to learn best practices in early childhood education.

Family Support Activities

Parents are invited to participate in activities designed exclusively for parents, by parents in cooperation with the Parent Involvement Coordinator. Parent activities may include trainings and/or social events. Family night activities are held at least three times per year. Watch for flyers home about upcoming events for the whole family.

In addition to the monthly family activities, parents may also receive monthly packets of information to be used in the home on such topics as fire safety, good nutrition, and emergency preparedness just to name a few. Follow-up phone calls from staff will assist parents with any additional information they may want or need.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Throughout the year, parents are invited to conference with their child’s teacher. This gives parents an opportunity to see examples of what their child is doing in class and to learn more about what their child needs to work on.

Children's Activities

Parents are their children’s most important and most influential teachers. Of all the adults who will interact with your child, you will have the greatest impact on your child’s learning. We encourage you to participate in your child’s classroom to see what is important for your child to know and for you to attend Ready! for Kindergarten classes where you will learn how to teach your child at home what he/she needs to be ready to enter school at the same level as his/her peers.

If you have any questions or suggestions for how parents may become more involved with their children’s educational experience, please call Early Learning Center Director Amy Nelson at 875-5327. You may also speak to your child’s teacher or our parent involvement coordinator Barbe Porter at 875-5327.